How to set the Spectra I, II for RS422 termination


How to set spectra I, and spectra II to termination mode without toggle switch or with toggle switch.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • DD5-C
  • DD5-M
  • DD5T-C
  • DD5AC
  • DD5BC
  • DD5TAC
  • DD5C22


Daisy chain configuration requires to terminate the RS422 end of line.


  • To terminate RS422 of a spectra that does not feature a toggle switch: Move JP2 to Left pin and center pin. It should read 120 ohms on RX+/RX- of  BB5DOORASSY.
  • By default all spectra I,and II receiver boards are configured in the un-terminated RS422 position.

        Note: Termination requires to open back plate by removal of 3 Philipp screws on dome drive to view JP2 on the receiver PCB assembly.

  • Here is how to terminate RS422 for the spectra I, II with toggle switch to left which will be termination. click to see manual page 3  C1489M-E (01/01).