Unable to Ping or Re-License a Previously DIACAPed WS5070 Device


The resolution of this article has many complex steps that may result in unforeseen results if not performed correctly. If you are at all unfamiliar with the requirements, please contact Product Support Services for assistance.


You will not be able to re-license or ping a WS5070 from another machine once it is DIACAPed. Traffic is blocked by the firewall.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management



Secure SLA


Secure-SLA Licensing


To re-license a WS5070 remotely you must allow TCP port through the firewall:

Use the following instructions:

1. Type "secpol.msc" on the Search box on the Start menu.
2. Hit Enter.
3. Expand Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
4. Expand Windows Firewall with Advanced Security - Local Group Policy Object.
5. Click Inbound Rules.
6. Right click on the right box and select New Rule...
7. Select Custom and click Next.
8. Click Next again.
9. Drop down Protocol type and select TCP and click Next.
10. Select "These IP addresses:" under Which remote Ip addresses does this rule apply to?
11. Click Add.
12. Add in the IP address or range of IP addresses and click OK.
13. Click Next.
14. Change the Action type if you like else click Next.
15. Click Next again.
16. Give your rule a name and click Finish.

The alternative to this procedure is to Re-License the WS Device Locally.