Does the NET5404T or NET5500 series require an IP camera license per input on DigitalSentry?


Only 1 IP camera license was purchased.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • NET5400 Series encoder
    • NET5401T, NET5402T, NET5404T
  • NET5500 Series encoder
    • NET5501, NET5504, NET5516
  • 3rd party IP encoder
  • DS


Add additional IP cameras to a Digital Sentry recorder.


Yes,1 IP camera license is needed per analog camera when added to Digital sentry.

  • NET5501 needs 1 ip camera license
  • NET5504 needs 4 ip camera license
  • NET5508 needs 8 ip camera license
  • NET5516 needs 16 ip camera license

NOTE: Using a multi channel video encoder such as NET5516 will require an IP camera license per input being used.

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