DS ControlPoint AVI exports very slow and file size is extremely large.


When exporting a video clip using the AVI format, DS ControlPoint takes an extremely long time to complete as well as the file size can be 1GB per 1minute of time.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint 7.0 - 7.4
  • Digital Sentry


AVI encoding method very inefficient in DS ControlPoint versions 7.4 and below.


Resolved with Digital Sentry software release7.5.456. Install or upgrade to Digital Sentry software version 7.5.456 or higher.

Note: Export speed is also affected by bandwidth throttle setting in ControlPoint.

Information on where to download the Digital Sentry software, refer to article:Where can I download the latest version of Digital Sentry software.

Information on how to upgrade the Digital Sentry software, refer to article:How to upgrade the Digital Sentry Software Suite on Digital Sentry HVR(s) and NVR(s).