How to add a DX8000 to the Site Setup list.


Up to 100 DX8000 DVR server sites can be added to the local server’s site list. Up to four remote DVR sites can be accessed from a single DX8000 (a total of five sites, including the local DVR, can be active on a single network segment). Up to 16 cameras can be viewed and managed for each remote site (32 of which can be simultaneously assigned to view panels).

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000 - all models all versions


Once a site has been added to the site list, it can be managed and viewed just as the local DVR.


Adding a Site with a Static IP Address

To add a remote DVR site to the site when you know the IP address of the site:

1. On the DX8000 toolbar, click Setup. A dialog box opens to the Camera page.

2. Click Site Setup.

3. Select the Manual radio button if it is not already selected.

4. Enter a site name for the remote DVR. (This is a custom name of your choosing. Site names can be up to 32 characters long and can contain spaces and special characters. For example: Building 1 DVR.)

5. Enter the IP address of the remote site.

6. If necessary, do the following:

a. Enter a new base port number (9002 is the default). Unless there is a conflict on your network, you should not change port numbers from their default values. Make sure any changes to port numbers are made consistently across all DX8000 servers and clients on a network. Client and server ports must be identical.

b. Enter a new upgrade port number (9003 is the default).

c. Enter a new information port number (9003 is the default).

d. Click Add. The site appears in the “Site IP list” on the right.

7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each additional site you want to add. Up to 50 remote sites can be added to the site list.

8. Click Apply. Once a remote site has been set up, its name appears in the Site tree on the left side of screen. It may take up to five minutes to initially connect to the site. Once a connection has been established, cameras from the remote site can be dragged onto the main screen view panels.

NOTE: Cameras may need to be re-mapped onto the divisional display after adding a DX8000. A DX8100 cannot be added to a DX8000 Site Setup list.