How to wire connect a Spectra PTZ camera for RS422 control from a 3rd Party DVR/HVR?


How to wire connect a Spectra PTZ camera for RS422 control from a 3rd Party DVR/HVR for Pelco P or D protocol control.

Where do I land the PTZ Control wires to a spectra Series camera

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra PTZ cameras
  • 3rd party DVR (must support pelco p or d protocol)


3rd Party integration for RS422 control per Pelco RS422 Protocol.


  1. Pelco "C" Protocol - Coaxitron.
  2. RS422 via Pelco "D" or "P" Protocol over 2-wire twisted pair.

Both methods of PTZ control can produce equal results; however COAXITRON is the easiest/recommended method, as the control signals are sent up the same Coaxial cabling which the video signal is coming in on from the camera.

In addition, Spectra III and IV Dome and Spectra Mini Positioning Systems are ready to receive coaxitron control commands from the factory, with no additional dipswitch modifications required.

land the PTZ Control wires

Connect the TX+ and TX- wires from the Control Device to RX+ and RX- connections of the Spectra or Spectra Mini Dome. (TX+ will go to RX+ and TX- will go to RX-).