How to reset an analog Spectra IV / Spectra Mini to factory defaults?


Auto focus issues

Clear all patterns and presets

Clear all user selected settings

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra IV PTZ


Reset all of the programmable application settings


Use the following steps to restore a Pelco Analog PTZ to factory defaults:

  1. Access the menu of PTZ Camera by entering 95 Preset.  See LL#11203
  2. Use the joystick and toggle down the cursor to "Dome Settings". Press the  (iris) Open button.
  3. Toggle down to "Clear" and press the (iris) Open button.
  4. Toggle down to "Restore Factory Defaults" and press the (iris) Open button.
  5. Press the (iris) Open button to confirm the restore factory defaults. The dome will be defaulted to factory settings.

Note: RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULTS: Restores all camera settings to factory default settings. All existing presets and patterns, labels must be re-programmed. If a password has been set in the camera you will not be able to restore factory defaults in the camera unless you know the password.