The DX Series DVR displays various functionality issues.


  • The DX Client will not connect to the DX DVR Server. After adding a DVR (Digital Video recorder) to the Connection List on DX Series software client installed on a networked PC workstation; the software will not connect to the DVR and the server icon displays a red circle around it.
  • The DVR web server is not functioning.  The Webserver port 80 is closed, and the web browser receive page can't be displayed.
  • The DVR loses or will not apply it's IP address.
  • DX series Client displays error: Failed to open setup file.
  • Client software fails to connect error access to DVR fails.
  • DVR loses video channel display or Impedance.
  • DVR stops processing Motion Triggers on IP cameras.
  • DVR does not display video search results or missing indexing.
  • The DVR system is hung up and frozen;  code errors.
  • Live and Recorded video displays in Black and White.
  • DX series Client connects, logs in but will not display video when cameras are dragged into video panes.
  • Video playback is slow, lags, and pauses
  • Mouse stops working

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4100 Series - all models all versions.
  • DX4500/DX4600/DX4700/DX4800 Series - all models all versions.
  • DX8000/DX8100 Series -  all models all versions.
  • DX Series Client - all versions


Memory holds data that the DVR processes and camera video inputs. Occasionally the memory can become full (buffer overload) or get some data that may become either corrupt or interferes with an operation that the system tries to run. When this happens, the DVR may not be able to perform an action that is required.


Any time the DX Series system experiences problems such as a degradation in performance or random system and application crash, the first thing you should do is simply reboot the DVR.The reason this works is that it simply resets everything. As the system launches and then closes processes, sometimes they don’t shut down completely or release the system resources they were using when they were running causing code in buffer to corrupt. This is especially true when it comes to system memory.

When the system reboots; the reboot clears the memory and cleans up certain temp files and caches that were being used and basically gives the DVR a fresh start. Obviously, a reboot is not the fix for every DVR problem. But it should be at the top of the list when diagnosing and troubleshooting many system issues.

If the client software will not connect to the DVR try the following:

  1. Ping the DVR from the PC the client software is loaded on to verify the physical network is wired or configured correctly.
  2. Telnet to the DVR from the PC the client software is loaded on to test for a closed application port. Not always necessary.
  3. Does the client software connect to other DVR's. If only one DVR is having the problem; then the problem is isolated to the one DVR.
  4. Reboot the DVR.

If the reboot doesn't resolve the issue;

Run CHKDSK on the DVR.

Run Recovery on the DVR (The software/Active x/ client communication code) Is Corrupt.

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