DX4700HD/DX4800HD models and IP camera Analytics.


  • Can the DX4800HD, or, DX4700HD work with the Megapixel IP camera Analytics?
  • Can I configure my DX4700HD/DX4800HD to work with video Analytics?
  • If I set up Analytics, can the DX4700HD/DX4800HD record the activity?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4700HD - any model and any version
  • DX4800HD - any model and any version


Confusion between the DX4700HD/DX4800's ability to record video from Megapixel IP cameras versus working with Analytics.


The DX4700HD and DX4800HD model HVR's cannot support Analytics as the HVR systems were not designed to interact with the Analytic capabilities from the Megapixel IP based cameras it can sustainably record video from.