Camera zoom through DX Series Client with center mouse scroll wheel.


  • I can't seem to zoom when scrolling with my mouse wheel in DX Series Client; will this be fixed any time soon?
  • Can I use my mouse's scroll wheel to zoom cameras in on a subject when viewing through DX Series Client?
  • Will the mouse wheel allow me to zoom?
  • Can I zoom with the mouse wheel?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX Series Client - ALL versions up to
  • DX8000 - all models - all versions
  • DX8100 - all models - all versions
  • DX4500 - all models - all versions
  • DX4600 - all models - all versions
  • DX4700(HD) - all models - all versions
  • DX4800(HD) - all models - all versions
  • DX4100 - all models - all versions
  • DX4000 - all models - all versions


No reference made to pages 31 thru 33 of the DX Series Client Op/Config manual C4654.


When using a mouse for PTZ functions through DX Series Client, the center mouse wheel (mainly used for scrolling) cannot be used for Zooming. The Zoom function can only be used with the left mouse button on the "+" or "-" buttons within the   area of the PTZ function bar to the right of the main viewing portion of the Client interface.

Reference to Client Op/Config Manual can be made here: C4654. Pages #31 thru 33 are relevant.