Pelco IPCT01 IP camera Tester


Commonly asked questions for the IPCT01

Product Line

Field Devices, Pelco Monitors


  • IPCT01


Installation of network and analog cameras.


Internal Testing Note

  1. Question: Does this camera tool tester work with all types of cameras?
    Answered: View the following article for compatible IP cameras: LL#18053
  2. Question: Does the IP camera tool scan any network switch to find  IP cameras?
    Answer: The tool by default scans the local area network. The tool will need to be configured for DHCP to do scan.
  3. Question: Does the camera tool use scan on the static IP network switch?
    Answer: No, Camera tool must be set to same IP class to be able to scan static IP network switch.
  4. Question: Does this camera tool work with analog PTZ?
    Answer: Yes it only support Pelco-D protocol when connecting to Pelco PTZ camera.
  5. Question: What is resolution on Camera Tester display when connecting to IP camera?
    Answer: Quarter CIF resolution display = 176 W X 144 H.
  6. Question:  How long does battery last after full re-charges on this camera Tester?
    Answer: 1 1/2 hour.
  7. Question: What types of USB drive compatible with Pelco camera tester?
    Answer: Unknown compatible thumb drives at this times.


 For more detailed information, please refer to the Pelco IP Camera Installation Tool Quick Guide