How do you remove the power up screen display on the fixed mount ExSite or Spectra camera?


How do you remove the CONFIGURE DONE text screen display from the fixed mount ExSite?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EHXM3036-2 EHXM3036-2X
  • EHXM3036-7 EHXM3036-7X
  • EHXM3136-2 EHXM3136-2X
  • EHXM3136-7 EHXM3136-7X
  • Spectra III
  • Spectra IV



  1. EHXM installed without a keyboard or system controller.
  2. The ExSite Integral Multiprotocol Receiver/Driver requires control wire attachment for system communication.
  3. Screen displays "configuration done"


A control system that supports Pelco Protocol must be used to remove the CONFIGURE DONE text from display over the video. Any control command sent to the camera will clear the power up display screen.

ExSite/Spectra Supports the following Pelco protocols:

  • Pelco P protocol      (RS422 two wire control)
  • Pelco D protocol      (RS422 two wire control)
  • Pelco COAXITRON (Control through video cable)