No camera tree listed after DS ControlPoint connects to a DX4700/DX4800, DX4500/DX4600 or DX8100 DVR.


DS ControlPoint successfully connects to a DX4600 recorder but under the Systems column on left there are no cameras listed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint
  • DX4500/DX4600
  • DX4700/DX4800
  • DX4700/DX4800(HD)
  • DX8100/DX8000
  • DX4100


  1. The 'admin' account is currently logged in at the DX4600 DVR.
  2. Incorrect user and password or more then one "Administrator" level account is attempting to login.
  3. DS ControlPoint > System settings, "Video Recorder" is not selected.
  4. Camera tittle(s ) have been removed from the camera menu>channel box in the DX4700,DX4800.


There are multiple causes for this problem:

  1. There can only be one 'admin' account logged in simultaneously to a DX4500 or DX4600 recorder, verify the 'admin' account is not logged in at another client PC or the DVR it self.  This can also be a problem with other user account types, refer to article How many concurrent users does the DX4500/DX4600/DX4700/DX4800 Series DVR/HVR support?

  2. Verify correct username and password credentials.

    1. In the DS ControlPoint System tab menu right click on server and select Disconnect.


    2. Right click the server again and select "Edit System"

      Note:**Version 7.4.144 and higher will allow connection with wrong user and password but no camera tree will be available in control point.

    3. In the User name and Password field enter the user and password that works at the DX47/4800 or DX45/4600 server.


    4. Once user name and password is corrected press OK and reconnect to DX47/4800 or DX45/4600.

      Note: Only a single "Administrator" level user account can be logged in at any time, if more than 1 user requires playback ability, configure the user with "Power User" level access.  Two "Power User" level access accounts can be logged in simultaneously.


  3. The site configured in DS ControlPoint > Edit System does not have Video Recorder selected.

    1. Click on the Systems tab in DS ControlPoint.
    2. Right-click the DX connection and select Edit System.  (if not available, select Disconnect first)
    3. Check the box for Video Recorder and click Ok.

  4. Make sure the USER has Administrative/Modify rights to DS ControlPoint.  Assign rights to the Pelco folder located in Program Files.

  5. Make sure all cameras have a camera tittle in the DX4700/DX4800 DVR's Setup menu> Camera menu>Channel box.


  7. Delete the ControlPoint Cache.xml file for ControlPoint. This will delete the settings in ControlPoint and they will have to be readded.

           1. Close the DS ControlPoint client if running.

          2. Click on Start Search Bar and type in %appdata%

          3. Click on the Pelco folder

          4. Delete the ControlPointCache.xml file

          5. Open DS ControlPoint which will create a new file, add a new site.


NOTE: Make sure that the cameras are not configured to "Disabled" within the camera menu under Properties.