Which KBD controller's are compatible with the DX Series Video Recorders.


Would like to use the KBD5000 of the KBD400 with the DX product line.

Is the KBD300A the only KBD that will connect to the DX Product line.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4000 DVR
  • DX4100 DVR
  • DX4500/DX4600 DVR
  • DX4700/DX4800(HD) HVR
  • DX8100 HVR
  • DX8000 DVR
  • KBD300A
  • KBD5000
  • KBD400


KBD5000 keyboard compatibility with DX Series Recorders or the DX Series Client software.


No. The only keyboard that is compatible with the DX Series Recorder is the KBD300A (version 5.0 or higher).

The DX8100 will require the KBDKIT

The DX4500/DX4600 or DX4700/DX4800(HD) will require the KBD300USBKIT

The DX4000 and DX4100 are not compatible with the KBD series

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