Does the Sarix Thermal Imager Series support 24 VDC Power Input?


The Sarix PTZ  TI series power requires 24 VAC or 110/220 VAC it will not support 24 VDC. The Sarix TI fixed series can support 24 VDC power. along with 24 VAC or 119/220 VAC

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ESTI314-2/5 models
  • ESTI335-2/5 models
  • ESTI350-2/5 models
  • ESTI3100-2/5 models
  • ESTI635-2/5 models
  • ESTI650-2/5 models
  • ESTI6100-2/5 models


Input Power Options for the Sarix ESTI Series or Sarix TI series


The Sarix TI positioning PTZ  do not support 24 VDC operation, the Sarix Fixed models can be powered using 24 VDC

The input power for the Sarix TI depend on model selected at time of purchase:

  • INPUT POWER:                   24/120/230 VAC, 50/50 Hz, Switch Selectable for 120/230 VAC.
  • INPUT POWER RANGE:   +15%/-20%

Example of models for power operation:

  • ESTI350-2 is strictly 24 VAC operation.
  • ESTI350-5 is switch selectable for 120 VAC or 230 VAC operation via switch position selectable.
  • 120 VAC switch location may be viewed here for 120 VAC models.