DX8100 Client working with 3rd party DVR systems.


  • Can I use the DX8100 Client to link up with my 3rd party DVR?
  • What DX8100 Client version will allow me to access my non-Pelco DVR?
  • Does Pelco provide a DX8100 Client that will link with my Ganz DR16HD-2TB (or similar) model DVR?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 Client - all versions

3rd Party, non-Pelco DVR models.


Pelco does not write our software releases to work with other Manufacturer's equipment.


The DX8100 Client will not work with any other Manufacturer's DVR models. The DX8100 Client will ONLY work with a DX8000 or DX8100 model DVR.