DS hardware platforms for use without the DigitalSentry software.


This product has been discontinued. For further information please visit pelco.com/support/discontinued-products


  • Can I use older DS hardware for other uses?
  • If I wipe the OS portion of my old DS unit, can  I use it for another server?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DigitalSentry stand-alone unit - DS RealVue, DS RealVue Xpress, DS Xpress, DS Desktop, etc. 
  • DSSRV models any and all


Pelco has not made a statement about the use of DigitalSentry Hardware platforms as any other type of Server.


With the DigitalSentry software wiped clean from the hardware, the hardware is merely a computer without an OS at that point. Pelco CANNOT and will NOT support the use of the hardware as anything other than a DigitalSentry unit, but, it can be loaded with other software if the site deems it necessary. The DS hardware is the site's to maintain and keep as they purchased it and if they choose to turn the DigitalSentry hardware into another server type, then that is solely at their discretion.