Window Blanking


Setup window blanking or delete window blanking

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  1. Spectra 3 series
  2. Spectra 4 series

Note: Some models of spectra 3 may only have 1 window blank as an option in the camera.


How do you setup window blanking or delete the window blanking in spectra series cameras.


 After Accessing the spectra menu

Go down to Dome settings Press Iris Open

Then down to Window blanking Press Iris Open

Note: Spectra IV dome systems have two styles of window blanking: Gray and Smear. If the style is set to Gray, the blanked area is covered with

a solid gray window. If Smear is selected images behind the window will be noticeable but not distinguishable.

To set a window blanking area:

1. Use the joystick to position the cursor beside WINDOW BLANKING. Press Iris Open. The WINDOW BLANKING menu appears on the screen.

2. Move the joystick to position the cursor beside SET WINDOWS. Press Iris Open to enter.

3. The Set Windows menu appears. Position the cursor beside WINDOW NUMBER to select blanking profile. Press Iris Open. The cursor moves to the right allowing the number change.

4. Move the joystick up or down to view the selections. Press Iris Open to enter the selection.

  5. Use the joystick to position the cursor beside EDIT WINDOW LOCATION. Press Iris Open, and then follow the instructions that appear on

the screen.  Move the cursor to each corner pressing Iris Open after each position.

When all four corners are set, the SET WINDOWS menu reappears, the blanked area is displayed, and the ENABLE WINDOW

option is set to YES.  EXit and verify the area has been blanked.

NOTES: Use the outside corner of the window selection tool as a guide when selecting the upper left, upper right, bottom right, and bottom left

corners of the window.


To clear all window blanking

In the set window blanking go to Clear Window and press Iris open 2x to clear a single window

To clear all windows go to Dome settings, Clear, Clear all window blanking


For the spectra 4 install manual click Here