ES3012 Esprit Series focus operation


Why doesn't the ES3012 auto focus when zooming in and out.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ES3012-2 Models
  • ES3012-5 Models
  • ES3012 ImagePak Series


  • ES3012 Esprit will not auto focus when zooming in or out.
  • New camera attached to Zoom Lens.


The ES3012 Esprit Series features a standard box style camera (analog) and zoom lens. The camera and zoom lens do not auto focus. This combination does offer manual focus from the control system to bring the image within focus.

An Esprit ES3012 configured with a PRESET Zoom Lens offers the option of programming locations within memory for quick focus view option.

Note: ES3012 Esprit ImagePak Systems are Factory Back Focused to ensure camera and lens are ready for field operation. An Esprit with Zoom Lens over time may require the back focus procedure should lens no longer provide focus. 

View here Lessons Learned Article LL#8713 for "Back Focus" procedure. 

The ES3012 may be identified by its Menu Structure Options as pictured below:

Note: Part number for 9 pin connector for PC board inside ES3012 for lens control functions is TB06-1411-6109.