ROAMIO2 fails to connect to controllers using either the Infinet or BACnet service tool.


ROAMIO2 fails to connect to Controllers using either the BACnet or Infinet service tool.  ROAMIO2 without batteries fails to power up when connected to Controller's service port.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


NetController II, bCX 4040, bCX4690, i2 controllers, b3 controllers.


Incorrect RJ11 cable type.  If using an RJ11 cable that is not a straight thru cable then ROAMIO2 will not function properly.



  • Check the RJ11 cable to verify that it is a straight thru cable.  If it is a reverse or crossover cable it will not work.  To test this issue you can connect the ROAMIO2 device (without batteries) to a controller's service port.  If the ROAMIO2 will not power on, this is an indication that the cable may be the wrong type.


  • Replace with straight thru RJ11 cable.