EH2508FLIR and EH2512FLIR enclosure information


Why is the EH2508FLIR or EH2512FLIR not provided with a window.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EH2508FLIR
  • EH2512FLIR


No Window to front of EH2508FLIR or EH2512FLIR


It is recommended to view the Pelco lineup of Thermal Imaging here: Pelco Thermal Imaging

The EH2508FLIR and EH2512FLIR does not include a window assembly. The enclosure is designed to be compatible with Flir Optics installation as requested through Flir.


  • EH2508FLIR or EH2512FLIR sold direct to FLIR for package assembly.
  • Sold in a quantity packages of 6 direct to FLIR.
  • Does not include a front window assembly.
  • Hardware Kit. No Labels.
  • View image of product here