No web page video display from the TXB-IP-P or TXB-IP-F after new installation


New Spectra IV IP is not displaying any video output for network connection. 

New Spectra IV IP install has no network video.

Connect the blue UTP+ and gray UTP- wire.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SD4N36 Models
  • SD4N29 Models
  • TXB-IP-P
  • TXB-IP-F
  • 6103-006A


Video for Network Connection


Network video will not display for the Spectra IV IP (TXB-IP-P, TXB-IP-F) if the UTP wiring is not connected.
To establish video, view the following image with recommended connections:

  1. Connect the blue UTP+ and gray UTP- wire to the UTP + and UTP – Terminals located on the back box circuit board (DOORASSY) of the Analog Spectra IV.