How to export configuration files from version 9.03.0XX Pelco System Manager (PSM).


Made changes to the 9700 configuration files and require them exported to disk.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM9700 Pelco System Manager Version 9.03.032


Changes were made to the configuration files which need to be exported.


1. Open Pelco System Manager and type the administrator user name and password, and then click Login or press Enter.

Note that the user name and password are case sensitive. User Name: Admin Password: Admin


2. Once logged in the upper left hand corner select File.

3. In the file menu select Export to Configuration Files...

4. In the browse for folder window select the Disk Drive (A:) and click OK

5. In the Export Configuration files window select Begin Export.

6. Follow the instructions to insert a floppy disk into drive A:

7. When finished check for any export errors and select Close.