How to playback video recorded to an SD card on the Sarix Professional series cameras.


Video has been recorded to a MicroSD card installed on a Sarix Professional camera, how is the video accessed?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Sarix Professional Series
  • IMP - Mini Dome Cameras
  • IBP - Bullet Cameras
  • IXP - Box Cameras
  • MicroSDHC or MicroSDXC 32GB cards


The Sarix IMP219 is configured to save video when motion is detected to the inserted SD card, unable to playback the video through the Sarix web interface.


To playback or copy video from the SD card installed in the camera, use the cameras FTP feature:


  1. Enable FTP access in the Sarix camera:
    1. Connect to the cameras web interface using a web browser and typing in the IP address of the camera.
    2. Login to the camera with the administrator account (default user:admin pass:admin).
    3. Click on Settings to enter the setup menu.
    4. Mouse over the Network menu to expose a submenu, click on FTP.
    5. Check the box for Enable: and assign a password (current user is set to adminftp)
    6. Save.

  2. Use Windows Explorer or an FTP client to connect to the camera:
    1.  Using Windows Explorer:
      1. Click on Start > Computer
      2. Once the computer window is open, click on the address bar at top of screen and type in ftp://camera ip address and then press ENTER.

      3. The "Log On As" prompt will display, enter the username and password configured in the FTP settings of the camera and then click the Log On button.

      4. Double-click a file to play or copy to the local PC and then play.


    2. Use FTP client software (such as FileZilla) to connect and download the video files.
      1. Download an FTP client such as FileZilla and install.
      2. Open the client software, and look for the connection settings...should see Host:, Username:, Password: and Port:
      3. Host = your cameras ip address , Username and Password is what is configured in the camera for FTP access, Port = 21. 
      4. Click Connect or Quickconnect if using FileZilla. 

      5. The client should connect and now show you a directory listing under Remote Site: which lists the files located on the SD Card.  You can drag-n-drop or right-click and select download to copy the video to your local PC.



Note: If the .mp4 extension is not recognized by your media player, try opening with VLC (VideoLAN media player) or QuickTime (Apple).