How to connect the KBD300USBKit with the DX4700/DX4800 series DVR.


  • Unable to get control on the DX4700 via KBD300A using a KBD300USBKIT.
  •  Is the USBKIT required to connect a KBD300A to a DX4700 or DX4800 DVR?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4700/DX4800 non HD Series v1.02 and higher
  • DX4700HD/DX4800HD Series v2.0 and higher
  • (1) KBD300USBKit
  • (1) KBD300A


Incorrect wiring from KBDKIT to the B&B Electronics USB converter.


  1. Open the DIP switch cover on the KBD300A.
  2. Set dip switch #6 and #7 to the ON position (down) and set all other switches to the OFF position.
  3. Close the DIP switch cover.
  4. Connect an RJ45 cable (supplied) from the KBD300A to the RJ-45 wall block.
  5. Open the cover of the RJ-45 wall block and wire power from the wall block transformer to pins 3 and 4 on the wall block.
  6. Wire the wall block to the appropriate terminals on the NEW B&B Electronics converter part number USOPTL4.
    1. Connect terminal 1 (TX+) on the wall block to RDB+ on the USB adapter.
    2. Connect terminal 2 (TX-) on the wall block to RDA- on the USB adapter.
  7. Close the cover of the RJ-45 wall block.
  8. Connect the USB adaptor to a USB port on the DX4700 / DX4800  DVR.


       9. Be sure the 4 switches are in the OFF position on the Rear of the USB Adapter.


This new converter will not work with DX4700 / DX4800 running software version 
The DX4700/DX4800 non HD will have to be upgraded to version DX48xx.20131129.

  • Go to to download click here
  • Download version latest version

NOTE: When using the new KBD300AUSBKIT, the DIP switch configuration on the Ulinx RS-422/485 USB Adapter does not affect the setup due to only being a two wire RX+/RX- application. Reference the Ulinx RS-422/485 B&B Electronics Quick Start Guide for more information.

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