Digital Sentry/Endura In-Camera motion detection does not work with Sarix Professional Series cameras


Configuring a Digital Sentry system using Sarix Professional IP cameras for motion recording using In-Camera motion detection results in no video recorded.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry 7.3.x - 7.5.456
  • Endura
  • DS NVS
  • Sarix Professional Series IP cameras firmware 3.03
  • IMP - Mini Dome Cameras
  • IBP - Bullet Cameras
  • IXP - Box Cameras


Motion detection is not supported by 3rd party clients (DS, Endura, etc) in the first release of the Sarix Pro cameras (firmware 2.x - 3.03).  


Record using motion detection with Sarix Pro cameras:

Digital Sentry VMS: Configure the Sarix Professional IP cameras for Server-side motion detection using DS Quick Setup, DS Admin or DS ControlPoint.


Update the Sarix Professional Series IP camera to firmware version 3.14 or above (firmware version 3.14 adds support for In-Camera motion detection communication with VMS systems).

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