DX8100 Expansion options.


  • Can I expand my DX8100 for more inputs?
  • How do I configure my DX8100 for more video channels?
  • My DX8100 is full and we need to add in more cameras; how do I do this?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 models - DX8108 and DX8116


No reference has been made to the C2636MB manual.


DX8100-EXP is obsolete and no longer available to order.

Yes, the DX8100 series DVR/HVR's can have additional channels of video added. 

The DX8108 can be expanded to a DX8124 ONLY.

The DX8116 can be expanded to a DX8132 ONLY.

Both models above will use the same DX8100-EXP equipment. For reference on how to install the DX8100-EXP, please refer here: C2636MB.

The DX8100 MUST be operating on version and you can find the Patch available here: DX8100

DX8100 Expansion parts list:



The DX8124 CANNOT be expanded further.
The DX8132 CANNOT be expanded further.

DX8100-EXP comes with expansion kits. Please see the DX8100-EXP Installation Manuals.

DX8100 Expansion parts list: