What are the part numbers for DSSRV/DSSRV2 licenses and optional accessories?


  • Part numbers needed when upgrading DSSRV/DSSRV2
  • DS IP Camera License part number

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV2


When purchasing a DSSRV/DSSRV2 optional accessories can be added


Listed below are the Pelco part numbers for optional accessories on the DSSRV

  • DS-SW-CAM (LICENSE PART NUMBER for 1 IP camera): DSSRV models include 8 free licenses (4 free licenses for DS NVS) for Pelco and third-party IP cameras.  If system Exceeds 8 or 4 IP cameras, additional license will have to be purchased for each IP camera.
  • ENC5416: Direct-attached analog encoder, ENC5416's cannot be used with ENC5516's.
  • ENC5516: Direct-attached analog encoder. ENC5516's cannot be used with ENC5416's.
  • ENC5400-4PORT: 4-port host card (analog) connects 4 ENC5416's or 4 ENC5516's, these cannot be used together on a ENC5400-4PORT.
  • DSSRV-RAID: LSI 3Ware 9750-8i RAID controller card for DSSRV (obsolete, use DSSRV2-RAID for 1st generation DSSRV)
  • DSSRV2-RAID: LSI 3Ware 9750-8i RAID controller card for DSSRV2
  • DSSRV-SCSI: Adaptec SCSI Card 29320LPE for DSSRV.
  • DSSRV2-SCSI: Adaptec SCSI Card 29320LPE for DSSRV2.
  • DSHDD-005: 500 GB upgrade/replacement drive for DSSRV and DSSRV2.
  • DSHDD-030: 3 TB upgrade/replacement drive for DSSRV only. (no longer for sale, failed drives have to be sent in for repair).
  • DS-EN-HDD-4TB: 4 TB upgrade/replacement drive for DSSRV2 only.