PMCL419HB or PMCL319BL Powers down


The PMCL419HB  or PMCL319BL sets itself into sleep mode after 5 min

Product Line

Pelco Monitors


  • PMCL419HB Monitor
  • PMCL319BL


After 5 min of no video on the screen the PMCL419HB and PMCL319BL has a Automatic power down to send the PMCL419HB or the PMCL319BL to Sleep mode.


After going to Sleep Mode, there is no wake-up function except to toggle though all the modes until signal comes back.  In order to wake up from Sleep Mode press the power button with the proper Video 1, Video 2, S-Video, DVI is displayed.

If possible turn sleep mode off on your PC, if not you can purchase this device which is not supported by Pelco. WiebeTech Mouse Jiggler



In RGB mode, monitor will go back to normal mode when a video signal comes back again.

Contact Techsupport 1-800-289-9100 For possible work around depending on model of monitor.