How to connect the CM9760-CDUT to the CM6800 Matrix


How to install CM9760-CDUT to CM6800 Matrix

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


  • CM6800-32X6
  • CM6800E-48X8
  • CM6800-96X16
  • CM9760-CDU-T


Adding the CM9760-CDU-T for Home Run Star Configuration of PTZ cameras


To attach the CM9760-CDU-T to the CM6800 Matrix:

Note: The CM9760-CDU-T code distribution is a RS422 transmit-only (2-wire and ground) distributor.

  1. Connect an RJ45 Straight Cable to the COM IN of the CM9760-CDU-T
  2. From the CM9760-CDU-T to the CM6800 connect the following Pin Out assignments

    CM9760-CDU-T --------------------- CM6800 PTZ-A or PTZ-B
        PIN 8 (RX+)    -------- to ---------             (TX+)
        PIN 7 (RX-)     -------- to ---------             (TX-)
  3. View attached diagram here for physical connection view.
  4. View Lessons Learned article LL#9415 for programming of the CM6800 Matrix for two wire control.