A LON-USB adapter is configured as LON2 on a laptop. Can that address be used in a Niagara R2 station running the LonWorks Service on the same laptop?


A LON -USB adapter is configured as LON2 on a Windows laptop.  Several efforts were made to modify its address to LON1 but to no avail.  Running a Niagara R2 station on a laptop, with the LonWorks Service, defaults to using LON1 for the interface. 

Can LON2 be used instead?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Niagara R2


Unable to modify the adaptor's LON address


In the Admin Tool, modify the drivers.properties file located on the Installation tab.
Change the line "lon.deviceName=LON1" to "lon.deviceName=LONx"      where x = new port number.
Restart the station.