What is the dip switch setting on KBD300 for Pelco-P In Direct Mode?


  • How can I set up my KBD300 for Direct Mode?
  • What protocols does the KBD300 output?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


KBD300 - both old (four dip switch model) AND the newer (eight dip switch model) [THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE KBD300A]

  • Pelco D not supported


Wire and configure the KBD300A for Direct Mode


The 4 dip switch model:

For Direct "P" mode - Dip switch #1 MUST be in the ON, or, UP, position. Dip switch #4 CAN BE in the ON, or DOWN, position for Turbo mode.

This is outputs RS422 4800 BAUD and NO Parity.

For CM6700/CM6800 mode - ALL dip switches must be in the OFF, or, DOWN, position.

This outputs RS485 9600 BAUD and ODD Parity.


The 8 dip switch model:

Dip switches 1-4 are for ADDRESSING and are NOT used when in Direct Mode. These dip switches MUST be OFF or UP. 

Switch #7 is NOT USED.

CM6700/CM6800 Mode: Dip switch 6 needs to be the ONLY one in the ON, or, DOWN.

This outputs 9600 BAUD at ODD Parity.

Direct "P" Mode: Dip switches 5 and 6 are the ONLY ones in the ON, or DOWN position. ALL other dip switches should be OFF, or, UP to make Direct "P" take place.

This outputs RS422 4800 BAUD at NO Parity.

NOTE: There is NO DIRECT "D"  Mode for the KBD300 keyboards.