Using Hyper Terminal to send ASCII commands.


  • I cannot get my ASCII commands to do anything through Hyper Terminal.
  • After typing out the ASCII command, Hyper Terminal does nothing; what am I doing wrong?
  • Can you help me set up my Hyper Terminal session please?
  • 3rd Party Controllers do not Control the Matrix.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700 - ALL models and versions
  • CM6800 - ALL models and versions
  • CM6800E - ALL models and versions
  • CM9700 - ALL models to include CM9740, CM9760, CM9765, CM9770, CM9780


  • Pelco has no reference available to the public on how to use Hyper Terminal to send ASCII commands properly.
  • Test Matrix ASCii setup to isolate 3rd party controls.


The best way to use Hyper Terminal and ASCII is:

  1. To first create a Text file anywhere on your desktop and then open the new Text file (does NOT have to be saved with a name - just created, and saved, on the desktop)
  2. Open the text file and write the ASCII command of choice (i.e. 1Ma1#a). Save it.
  3. After this, open/start Hyper Terminal (Optional step - save the session with a proper name), name the Hyper Terminal session to move forward, then set the BAUD rate 9600, Parity to ODD, 8 data-bits, 1 stop-bit AND NO Flow Control (very important) after the window for COM Port setup pops up.
  4. Then, go to File>Properties>ASCII Setup. In ASCII Setup, click on the check box for “Echo Typed Characters Locally”.
  5. Ok out of everything to get back to the main Hyper Terminal window.
  6. In the Hyper Terminal window that is still open, go to Transfer>Send Text File (NOT “SEND FILE”). From here, you will be prompted to open a Text file; navigate to the Desktop and open the text file by double-clicking on it. You should immediately see the command and the response in the interactive portion of Hyper Terminal.


The main reason for the above is because no matter how fast anyone can type, the transfer rate of the ASCII commands, once typed into the Hyper Terminal “field”/window, is far too quick for any human to type entirely before sending the command. When the text file is sent through the above process, the entire command is sent at one time and thus is capable of executing the ASCII command properly.

**Note**: If controlling PTZ cameras using Pelco Coaxitron signal; BE SURE the protocol is in extended format