Esprit power input wires are both white.


  • How do I connect power to the Esprit series cameras?
  • With both power input wires being of the same color (white), which one is Hot and which one is Neutral?
  • The Esprits have two white wires for input power; which one do I use?
  • Does it matter which lead is which with the two white wires on the Esprit cameras?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Esprit cameras - ES30, ES30C, ES31, ES31C, ES30PC, ES30PCBW, ES31PC, ES31PCBW

Esprit SE cameras - ES40, ES41


Confusion about Pelco's installation manual naming two white wires for power input.


With the Esprit series cameras requiring AC voltages, the two white wires have no true polarity as AC voltages can be connected to either white wire for proper powering of the Esprit series cameras.


References - Page #12 of C1323M for Esprit ES series and Page #9 of C311M-O for the older ES30/31 series.

A green ground wire is provided if grounding is required.