Spectra III or Spectra IV loss of Presets or Patterns programming.


If I have unstable power can this cause my Spectra III or Spectra IV to lose preset and patterns?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra III Series
  • Spectra IV Series


If the main power source is not stable, then the Random Access Memory chip in the Spectra III and Spectra IV dome is not healed to a stable voltage. The RAM chip can then change it’s value causing the Spectra III or Spectra IV to lose it preset or pattern.


  1. Short work around is Go into the menu of the Spectra III or Spectra IV using 95 preset set.
  2. Move to DOME SETTING and press IRIS OPEN
  3. Move cursor to CLEAR option and press IRIS OPEN.
  4. Find RESTORE TO FACTORY setting and press IRIS OPEN.
  5. Once the Spectra displays Configuration Done, reprogram presets and patterns.
  6. Long term solution is to provide stable power source for Spectra III or Spectra IV