How to export a still image on the DX4500 / DX4600 DVR.


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How to export a still image on DX4500 / DX4600

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4500
  • DX4600


Require a paper record of a video snapshot.


The unit allows you to pause video playback to take a snapshot of a video scene. The image is saved to the USB device in JPEG format.:

To Export a still image from a DX4600_DX4500.

  1. Start the video playback.
  2. Pause the video when showing the required image.
  3. Click on the export icon
  4. Click on the camera number
  5. Click the Export Button
  6. When the export process is done, it will display a message on the screen. Click the OK button to complete and then remove the USB key.
  7. Verify the image by taking the USB key to a PC and open the file.

NOTE: if the USB key has not been previously used on the DX4600 / DX4500 DVR it will required to be formatted.