Options for archiving extended log data


Options are needed for truncating large amounts of extended log data, but with the ability to report on that data

Product Line

Andover Continuum



Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


Extended logs data can cause the Continuumdb to get large and needs to be truncated with the ability to continue to report from the old data


  1. Set up automatic truncation of extended logs (See the Check Purge Interval section in Lessons Learned article, Stand Alone Continuum using SQL Server 2005 Express is not purging the ExtendedLog table.) Ex. Year, 180 days
    Make a copy of the Continuum database on the existing server. In this scenario you would have ContinuumDB and ArchiveDB. Use one of the Cybers via Workstation Initialization) to temporarily switch to the ArchiveDB for reporting purposes and then switch back.
  2. Purchase the Extended Log Archiver uses a separate db for the archived data and truncates data from the Continuumdb automatically. For more information email COE@Buildings.Schneider-Electric.com