Enabling Automatic Login on the DX8100/ DX8000.


The DX8100 prompts the windows login screen upon bootup..
The DX8000 prompts the windows login screen upon bootup.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 Series
  • DX8000 Series


Windows Automatic login is disable by default.  


 To enable the automatic logon feature do one of the following:

  1. Click on File and select User Log-in
  2. Enter the default admin account based on the server's software version.
  3. Once login as an admin user, go to File and select Exit.
  4. Select Exit to Windows mode
  5. The "Log on to Windows" dialog box opens,
  6. Enter the windows password (dx8100 for DVRs that are DX8100 series models or dx8000 for DVRs that are DX8000 series models) and click OK.

  7. On the taskbar, click Start and then click Run. The Run dialog box opens.
  8. In the open text box, type control userpasswords2.
  9. Click OK. The User Accounts dialog box opens.

    NOTE: for DX8000 DVRs, go to Start menu and select Control Panel. Double click on Users and Passwords to open users and passwords dialog box.

  10. Click the check box "User must enter a User name and password to use this computer".
  11. Click the check box again to select it and then click Apply. The Automatically Log On dialog box opens.

  12. In the Password text box, type the DX8100ADM windows password (default password is dx8100).
  13. In the Confirm Password text box, retype the password again.
  14. Click OK and then restart the DX8100 server.  The unit will restart and automatically log you on to the DX8100 server application.