Unable to Bind to an I/NET Point


Unable to Bind to an I/NET Point

Command Error Alarm after Binding to an I/NET Value

Product Line

TAC I/NET, SmartStruxure Solution


StruxureWare Workstation


As of version 1.4, I/NET input points can not be bound to SmartStruxure outputs

A Command Error Alarm will occur when attempting to bind to an I/NET controller that does not have the current bin file


  1. If needed create an additional I/NET output point and use that to control the I/Net input point via a Calculation Point Extension.
  2. In I/NET, connect to the controller.
  3. Select Edit>Controller>Configuration
  4. If the Build Date is older than April of 2012, you will need to upgrade the controller.
  5. In StruxureWare, when setting up the bind to the I/NET point, be sure to edit the I/NET point objects bindings, if that is what is being controlled.
  6. Bind the desired StruxureWare value to Control Value (DO) or Value (AO) property of the point for I/NET.