Installing the 1GB Memory module into the DX8100HDDI chassis


What is the process to install the DX8100HDDI1GB kit into the DX8100HDDI chassis?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100HDDI-6TB
  • DX8100HDDI-12TB
  • DX8100HDDI-18TB
  • DX8100HDDI-24TB
  • DX8100HDDI1GB
  • RAID 5
  • EonStor


Using 2TB hard drives in the array which require 1GB of RAM installed in the DX8100HDDI.


Installing the 1GB Memory

  1. Power down the unit and remove power cables.
  2. Turn the HDDI so that the back of the unit faces you.
  3. Remove the controller module:
    1. Turn the thumbscrews on the raid controller counter clockwise until they are fully disengaged.
    2. Pull the raid controller straight out until you can see the size displayed on the RAM.


  4. Install the 1 GB memory module:
    1. Remove the existing memory module.

    2. Install the 1 GB memory module.

  5. Reinstall the controller module and tighten the thumbscrews.

  6. Connect power and turning on the DX8100HDDI:
    1. Turn on both DX8100HDDI power supplies and verify that "Ready" is displayed on the LCD.
      Note: You must wait until the DX8100HDDI displays the Ready status before turning on the VMS/HVR recorder.