How to fix Sarix Cameras or Encoders which become nonfunctional after using Endura Utilities Change IP Address feature.


After use of the Change IP Address feature of Endura Utilities below version 2.4.0, Sarix Cameras or Encoders may become inaccessible via their Web User Interface, fail to come Online within Endura Utilities, and fail to provide live video to an Endura Viewstation.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Endura Utilities versions below 2.4.
  • Sarix based IP Cameras and Encoders (NET5400T Series).


Endura Utilities below version 2.4.0 use a method for changing device IP Addresses which is incompatible with Sarix-based IP Cameras and Encoders (see Release Notes). This incompatibility can (but not always) cause the Sarix Device to malfunction, becoming inaccessible via the WebUI and not Online with Endura (even after reboots).


Preventing the Issue before it occurs

  1. To prevent Sarix based IP Cameras or Encoders from becoming nonfunctional in this manner, update to the latest version of Endura Utilities prior to any use of the Change IP Address feature (see LL#12473).


Resolving the issue once it has already occurred

This procedure resets the affected Sarix IP Camera or Encoder to Factory Defaults, which means...

  • The Device will obtain a new IP Address automatically from any present DHCP Server (typically the Endura System Manager or Network Switch). If there is no DHCP Server on the network, the device will default to (or .21 if .20 is already used by another device, or .22 if 21 is used, and so on).
  • The Device may lose the Friendly Name, reverting to a name which includes the product model and serial numbers, such as "IP Camera - IX30DN-ADAL920".
  1. Follow the steps in LL#11444 to enable SSH on the affected Sarix Device.
  2. Follow the steps in LL#13089 to SSH Into the affected Sarix Device.
  3. Enter the command fctrydflt and press the Enter/Return key...

    note: The Sarix Device will now reboot; Allow 10-20 minutes for full service functionality then repeat Endura Utilities Search and look for the device.
    note: To prevent this issue from re-occurring, update to the latest version of Endura Utilities prior to further use of the Change IP Address feature (see LL#12473).