Spectra Mini Lower Dome Assembly


What is the part number for the lower dome assembly to the Spectra Mini.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SD4-W0, SD4-W0-X
  • SD4-W1, SD4-W1-X
  • SD4-B0,  SD4-B0-X
  • SD4-B1,  SD4-B1-X



Replacement lower dome assembly for Smoked or Clear bubble with Trim Ring


Individual component part numbers for the lower dome assembly are as follows:

  • LD4W-0   Spectra Mini Lower Dome, Smoked. - White Trim Ring
  • LD4W-1   Spectra Mini Lower Dome, Clear.     -  White Trim Ring
  • LD4B-0    Spectra Mini Lower Dome, Smoked. -  Black Trim Ring
  • LD4B-1    Spectra Mini Lower Dome, Clear       -  Black Trim Ring