How to update Pelco IP Cameras or Encoders using Pelco Device Utility 2.


How to update the Sarix Firmware from Device Utility 2?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • All Sarix  Legacy Series Cameras
  • ID, IE, IM, IX Series Cameras.
  • All Sarix Value Cameras
  • IL10
  • All Sarix Enhanced Series Cameras
  • IME, IXE Series Cameras
  • IMM12018 Optera Panoramic
  • Spectra IV H264, Spectra HD, Esprit IP, Exsite IP Series PTZ Cameras
  • Device Utility 2.1, 2.3


  • Sarix Series IP Cameras/Encoders require software update as part of proper maintenance or issue resolution.
  • Firmware update has been recommended by Pelco Technical Support.


Sarix Firmware Upload

An update to Sarix or Optera Cameras should only be performed if recommended by Pelco Technical Support personnel. To update a Sarix or Optera camera
perform the following process:

1)   Obtain the latest firmware for Sarix IP cameras from
       b.  Expand the CAMERAS menu and select the camera category.
       c.  Now select the camera model series.
       d.  Scroll down on the product page and locate the downloads section.
             Note: If the downloads section does not load, try CTRL + Refresh button in the browser or using a different web browser to access

       e.  Under "Filter|Narrow your results" click the Asset Type button and select Firmware.
        f.  Locate the most recent firmware release for your cameras model number.
       g.  Click the Download link to begin downloading.
             Note: A user account is required to download.
                       If you do not have a user account created, scroll down to the bottom of and click the Login link to register.

       h.  The files will save as a zip file and require unzipping. Firmware for IP cameras are named as a ppm. files. 
 2)  Device Utility 2. Install and Add ppm file. 
       a.  Install Device Utility 2 from the same location as the ppm file was obtained from.
       b.  View lessons learned article LL#13444 for additional locations to download DU2.
       c.  Run DU2 and allow the utility to scan for the IP camera, or the IP may be manually added.
       d.  Add PPM file to DU2.

       e.  Once the IP camera is discovered and displaying online, Right click over the IP 
            camera information and click on Update Firmware.
       f.   The Update Firmware Page displays.
       g.  Click on the "Add new File" button. Select the ppm saved file, and then click on the
            Open button to add the firmware package to the list in the Update Firmware dialog box.
       h.  Click the Apply Selected Updates button to update the Sarix camera. 
        *   The affected devices will be busy for a period of time (5 -7 minutes). You will not be able to view video
             or change any settings on those devices until the firmware has been updated.      
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