Endura GW5000 Fails to Display Live Video


When first attempting to access the gateway interface the user is presented with a message in the information bar indicating that for security reasons an ActiveX control has not been installed.

Clicking on the information bar and selecting Install ActiveX control results in the page attempting to reload itself with the progress indicator spinning for a number of seconds longer than normal.

The page then reloads and displays the information bar indicating that the security settings will not allow the install of the control (a slightly different message than the first message).


The user logs into the page and is presented with another error message in the information bar and the user interface of the application.

When a camera is selected in the camera list and the Show Live button is pressed, the application appears as if it is connecting to the stream. However, the page shows a red X in the square in which the video was assigned.


Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura GW5000 Gateway, all versions


The Pelco ActiveX controls for the GW5000 are unsigned. The default Internet Explorer ActiveX settings do not allow the installation and use of unsigned controls. In some environments, the settings for Internet Explorer are locked down via a very restrictive group policy and cannot be changed by users.


A user with local administrative rights to the client computer must login and change the security setting to allow the ActiveX control to download and then execute the application.

  1. Log into the client system as a user with administrative rights.
  2. Open Internet Explorer and press ALT + T and then O to open the Internet Options dialog box.
  3. Select the Security Settings tab.
  4. Highlight the Internet globe icon and click on the Custom level button.
  5. Scroll down to the ActiveX section.
  6. Change Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls from Disable to Prompt, as shown below.
  7.  Click OK.
  8. At the warning screen, select Yes.
  9. Click on the information bar and choose Install ActiveX Control.
  10. In the security-warning dialog box, click install. One warning will be for AXControl.CAB and the other for PIControl.CAB, as shown below.
  11. To test the install, log into the Web page and select a camera from the list. Then, click on the Show live button. Live video should then be displayed.
  12. Repeat steps two through five.
  13. Select Disable for the Download unsigned ActiveX controls setting.
  14. Click OK