Power supply board part numbers for the PMCL series monitors.


  • What are the part numbers for the power supply in my PMCL217 monitor?
  • Can I order a power supply for my older PMCL300 or PMCL200 monitor?
  • My PMCL319 monitor went bad, can I order replacement parts for it?

Product Line

Pelco Monitors


  • PMCL200 series monitors - PMCL217 and PMCL219
  • PMCL300 series monitors - PMCL315, PMCL317, PMCL319 and PMCL319A
  • PMCL400 series monitors - PLCM415, PMCL417, and PMCL419
  • PMCL500 series monitors - PMCL516A, PMCL532F and PMCL552F


Older models are getting more difficult to find part numbers and whether or not anything is available.


These are internal boards

  • PMCL200 and PMCL300 series power supply boards - ZSPPMCL1022 - description: OE-PWR SUPPLY BRD PMCL200,300 SRES (Part not available for sale. Monitor can be sent in for repair).
  • PMCL415 series power supply boards - ZSPPMCL1023 - description: OE - POWER SUPPLY BOARD PMCL414
  • PMCL417 and PMCL419 power supply boards - ZSPPMCL1024 - description: OE-POWER SUPPLY BRD PMCL417/PMCL419
  • PMCL200 and PMCL300 series front button board - ZSPPMCL1028 - description: OE - FRNT BUTTN BRD PMCL200,300 SRS
  • PMCL400 series front button board - ZSPPMCL1029 - description: OE -FRONT BUTTN BOARD PMCL 400 SERS
  • PMCL217, PMCL219, PMCL315, PMCL415 Inverter board - ZSPPMCL1026 - description: OE-INVERTER BRD PMCL217,219,315,415
  • PMCL319, PMCL417, PMCL419 Inverter board - ZSPPMCL1027 - description: OE - INVERTER BOARD PMCL319,417,419
  • PMCL319 power board ZSPPMCL1022 Part not available for sale will have to be sent in for repair
  • PMCL319A Power Board Assembly - ZSPPMCLA-0002 - description: OE - PCB POWER BOARD ASSEMBLY
  • PMCL526A Power Board Assembly - ZSPPMCL500A013 - description: OE - PCB POWER ASSEMBLY 26" & 32"
  • PMCL532F Power Supply Assembly - ZSPPMCL532F-014 - description: EOL-OE-24V PWR SUPPLY ASSY
  • PMCL552F PCB Power Assembly - ZSPPMCL552F-001 - description: OE - EOL - PCB POWER ASSEMBLY