FD5 series fixed domes create a bluish tinged orange video in low pressure sodium lighting.


Over time, with the lower dome on, my FD5 series cameras are creating a bluish tinged video with orange colors.

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Pelco Cameras


ALL FD5 fixed dome models. FD5-IRV9-6, FD5-IRV9-6X, FD5-IRV10-6, FD5-IRV10-6X, FD5-DV10-6, FD5-DV10-6X


No reference material is available for the description of this problem.


Try the following settings within the camera:

  • White Balance - Anti CR (When a digital image sequence is sampled with a periodically emitting light source, the color rolling (CR) phenomenon occurs, which is shown by periodical variations of color and luminance values. In conventional CR suppression (CRS) methods, color variation has been reduced by using auto white balance methods. However, the CR phenomenon still appears in the resulting image sequences due to interfield illuminant intensity variation. In the proposed CRS method, the interfield luminance and color variations are simultaneously suppressed by estimating the illuminant change between the current and the target fields.)
  • Shutter/AGC settings
  • ATR (Adaptive Tone-curve Reproduction) [ATR/ATR-EX (Adaptive Tone Reproduction) function provides gradation compensation to improve the contrast of subjects whose gradation has been lost in cases where, for instance, both low-luminance areas and high-luminance areas exist in the same picture.
    The ATR function improves the visibility of the entire picture by providing the optimum gradation compensation for the image in one field based on the luminance information.]