Spectra Stored Memory Configurations Corrupt Causing Various Issues.


  • After getting my Spectra IV back from repair, when I zoom in, I cannot get it to zoom back out all the way.
  • When zooming my PTZ camera, the zoom stops somewhere in between fully out and fully in.
  • When controlling my Spectra PTZ camera, when I zoom, the zoom gets stuck when zooming back in. I can zoom out, but it always stops at the same place when zooming back in.
  • My Zoom stops at a 30 limit, what is happening?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra IV series cameras - all models and all versions.


Buffer corruption on Back Box circuit board.


Power cycle the Spectra

Reset the The Spectra IV camera to factory  default.

To do this, get into the camera's Menu with Preset-95 from whatever device is controlling the camera.

(the ways to get into the Spectra menu are rather extensive and depends on the controlling head end - please refer to the rest of the Lessons Learned Article Knowledgebase by typing in the specific model of the controller/controlling device and "Spectra Menu" to bring up the relevant LL article). Once in the menu, go to <Dome Settings><Clear>Restore to Factory Defaults.