What PCIe slots should be used when installing a DSSRV-RD (RAID) card with an existing ENC5400-2Port or ENC5400-4Port


Cannot determine which PCIe slot to be used when installing a DSSRV-RAID card when an existing ENC5400-2Port or ENC5400-4Port is installed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • ENC5400-2Port
  • ENC5400-4Port
    • The minimum configuration for an internal RAID 5 is three hard disk drives.


DSSRV-RAID card installed previously in the PCI-e16X slot and needs to be moved to the PCIe-4X slot.



Completed installation should look like the following. The ENC5400-4Port card also should be installed using this configuration.


NOTE: After installing a DSSRV-RAID in a DSSRV dvr, the system must be converted to a RAID5 system using the USB recovery key.

BIOS boot order for a RAID5 system:  USB:USB FLASH DRIVE

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