Glands not fitting on the back of the EH2508 series enclosures


The water tight glands are not always fitting into the back of the EH2508 series enclosures. Some of the glands were sent out with metric threads

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


When using the EH2508 enclosures with the glands


If the units were built in 2005 or before then the glands may be a different thread size.


You would need to replace the whole back plate assembly with an newer one to have the current glands fit. The back plate pieces do not come as an assembly. The list of parts are as follows:

1 ea.   MF02-2512-002B

1 ea.   ZH69-0205-2404

1 ea.   ZH00-0813-0716

1 ea.   ZH08-0000-0612

1 ea.   OL01-0822-019

1 ea.   OL01-1122-014

2 ea.    HF00-1300-3500