Relative Humidity reference for Pelco's PTZ cameras/systems.


  • What is Pelco's Relative Humidity specifications?
  • What is the relative humidity level that Pelco's equipment can operate in?
  • Pelco specifies what relative humidity level for the equipment used in the field?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


ALL of Pelco's PTZ models to include ExSite and ExSite IP, Esprit (SE, IP and older ES30/31/40/41 and ES3012), Spectra III, Spectra IV IP, HD, H.264 models.


There has been NO reference to these facts stated anywhere.


With regards to your PTZ camera systems humidity level specific help request; the most commonly used humidity level reference Pelco has to offer is that as long as the operating level remains between 20% and 80% relative humidity (non-condensing) across the equipment's operational temperature range, the PTZ system will work fine.